Athena Mae

Athena has been binding books for over a decade. Much of her work uses historic binding methods to convey contemporary meaning. Athena’s pieces are often based on traditional binding styles, but incorporate personal content and are constructed in a way that challenges both the artist and the viewer. Books serve to expose us to stories, to teach us, and to develop our sense of the world. In her work, she uses the physical form of the book to give context to her own story.

Athena is: secretary for the New England chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, professional associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), member of the New England Conservation Association (NECA), resident artist at Washington Street, and 1/3 of the Cool Kids Club

From 9(ish)-5(ish), she works for Autodesk, managing the larger-than-life BUILD Space.